Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



2 Jan., 1612. We, the Mayor, &c., sold unto Edward Gallwey, his heirs, &c., for ever, the stone house on the South side, near St. Peter's church, built by said Eduard's father, being parcell of the Mortmains lately purchased from Sir Garrett Moore, Knt., cousin and heir to George Moore, gent., dec., patentee of said lands to her late Maj. Q. Eliz., for the sum of 30 pounds ster., 15 pounds to be paid by the last of this month, the other 15 by 1 May next, &c.

•· •

13 Jan., 1612.

Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore Patricii Tyrry fz. William, Maioris, J ohannis Collmayne et Mauricii, Kynt., vicecom. ejusdem civitates.

19 Jan., 1612. Sir Domk. Sarsfild, Knt. is elected Recorder, and Mr. Edmond Tyrry, Ald., tio be deputy Recorder in the absence of said Sir Dominick. • 1 Feb., 1612. . The Mayor, &c., for the better strengthening of the former entre, made for Mr. Domk. Tyrry, Ald., in Mr. Will Skyddie's time, do now agree, in the Guildhall of this City, to convey to said Tyrry, his heirs, &c., for ever, under the Commonaltie Seal, in consideration of 40 pounds ster. received at the hands of said Do~ck, to be paid to Sir Garrett More, Knt., all the Mortmain lands of St. Peter, called a garden, without North Gate, with all the houses, &c., proved to belong thereto, within the precincts between the old church of St. Katherin's on the East, until the water course or current of the mill on the West, and from the great rock on the North to the river on the South. Said Domk, at his own charge to find out the same by law or otherwise, with the best assistance we may give him. The common seal to be affixed ta the deed and to be bound in 600li., for general warrantie against all men, &c. ; and also if there be any impediment given either by Sir Garrett More, .or any other, whereby same would not be secured unto us, then we promise to deliver said Domk., his ·heirs, &c., his money back again, with the interest.

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