Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals

COUNSELLORS NOT POSSESSING GOWNS ON EASTER DAY TO BE EXCLUDED• . 37 like case used, and by reason of their said disorders they are not known at Court as Councillors, as they ought, from common freemen of this City- for the avoiding of these abuses, and that a decent course may be hereafter amongst them, it is concluded that every one of the said Counsellors of this City shall have a good and sufficient gown befitting them of their own proper goods, and not borrowed, on or before Easter day next, and every one not having a decent and sufficient gown of his own, not only to be censured and amerced, but to be excluded from his degree of Councellorship, and . not to have any priviledge degree or station, until he so offending contrary to this Act of Counce! shall buy the same de novo. 21 Oct., 1612. It was agreed that the new Customs of both Gates and Marine Gate shall be collected by such as the Mayor shall appoint until Easter next, meantime, if it be thought fit by the Mayor, &c., same to be farmed unto such as shall pay most. 29 Oct., 1612. Mr. Dominick Roch delivered up at Court such writings as he had be- longing unto Sir Domk. Sarsfeld, Knt., and John Meade, touching the prize wines which they had in mortgage, and accordingly the said writings, can- celled, were put into the Common Chest. And also two acquittances from Sir John fz. Edmond, Knt., touching his part of the prize wines, mentioning what is received and paid hereof, the one acquittance dated 6 Dec., 1609, the sum herein expressed 35 pounds, the other, dated 24 Sep., 1611, the sum expressed being 67 pounds ster. 30 Oct., 1612. Mr. Thomas Gold fz. William is sworn Common Speaker for this year. 12 Nov., 1612. Mr. John .Arthure and Mr. Henry Goold fz. Adam are appointed Praisers, according to ancient custom,. to continue for one month. In regard that the Mayor, Mr. William Skyddy, as Mayor, is bound for Dublin, in .discharge of a recognisance, wherein he is bound to appear before the Lord Deputy and Council, Mr. Edmond Tyrry, Ald., shall be.

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