Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



19 Oct., 1612. David Creaugh sworn one of the petty Serjeants. Nicholas Verdon and James Miagh, under Porters. Morris Goold and Piries Wailing, Yeomen. Richard Gallwey and James Power, Pilots.

James Curtaine, Drummer. . James Martell, Stay master. Edmond Mortmer, Bellman. William Regain, Yeoman.

26 Oct., 1612. Mr. Domk. Roch, .Ald., and Stephen Skyddy, sworn Overseers. Mr. Sheriff Lombard, Chamberlayn. William Coppinger fz. James, is allowed for his attendance on the Mayor this-year, as occasion shall serve, 3li. 6s. 8d. and his diet. '-f. Mr. Sheriff Lombard, Sureties are Patrick Lavallyne and Robert Tyrry · 1 )z. Robert, who acknowledged in Court, in the sum of 150 pounds ster. a piece, that the said Sheriff, from time to time, shall render a just account of his receipts according the ancient custom. Mr. Sheriff Morroghe, sureties John .Arthure and Edward Martell in 1 OOli. a piece. Clement Tyrry, Serjeant at Mace, sureties Stephen Skyddy and Robert Miagh fz. William, in 50 pounds ster. a piece, that said Clement will dis- charge his office to his power. Stephen Gallwey, do., sureties Robt. Miagh fz. William, and Domk. Water in 40li. a piece. John Skyddy, Water Bailiff, sureties Stephen Skyddy and Rob'. Miagh fz. Will in lOOli. a piece. David Creagh, petty Serjeant, sureties Morris Roch and Patek. Lavallyn in 40li. a piece. The same day, by consent of the Mayor, &c., it was agreed at Court and in open assembly at deer hu:adred, that, in regard to the great abuses and contempt which the Counsellors of this City do use in not (according to the good orders and customs of other Cities) wear gowns, and especially at Court, upon days of assembly, according unto the ancient custom in the

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