Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


8 Aug., 1612. . Patrick Arthoure fz. John is admitted free in consideration of 13s. 4d. Garrett Goold fz. Philip, do., in consideration of 13s. 4d. William Tyrry fz. George, do., in consideration of his service in the time of the last infection, his fees to be released to 10 shillings~ . Richard Martell fz. Christopher, do., in consideration of 26s. 8d. David Meskill fz. Richard, do., in consideration of seven pounds ster., whereof Morris Goold, Yeoman, is to receive six pounds ster. • 28 Sep., 1612. Thomas Nugent was admitted free gratis in consideration of his service to us known, in going to the north as a leader of the company of the City then employed, whereof at that time Patrick Gallwey, dec., was captain. 28 Sep., 1.612. Patrick Lavallyne fz. Richard, for divers causes, and for the sum of eight pounds, to be deducted of the 20 pounds promised unto Mr. Domk. Gallwey, late Mayor, which 8 pounds said Patrick paid, said Patrick was admitted one of the Council of the City, &c. 5 Oct., 1612. Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore Will. Skyddy fz. John, Maioris, Georgii Lombard et Georgii Morrogh vicecom. ejusdem Civitatis. Mr. Thomas Sarsfild is sworn Recorder for this year, and is to have for his fees ten pounds sterl., and such other benefits as he had when formerly· Recorder. 12 Oct., 1612. Edward Mylles sworn Sword Bearer this year. John Skyddy, Water Bailiff.

James Martell, Porter of North Gate. Arthure Skyddy, Porter of South Gate. Clement Tyrry, Serjeant of the Mace. Stephen Gallwey, another Serjeant of the Mace. William Skyddy, Searcher.


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