Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


citizen of this City not prizeable, and 20s. out of every tun of Gascoyne or French wines that shall be discharged or come as aforesaid, not prizeable in mortgage of 250 pounds, which he is to pay by the 10 July next towards the payment of the prize wines now mortgaged unto Sr. Domk. Sarsfeld, Knt., John Meade, and Walter Coppinger, Esqrs., viz., towards the redemption of their moiety, and the said Dominick, his heirs, &c., shall possess said lands and fairs for one whole year after said redemption, provided that during the mortgage of said land and year after, the Mayor, &c., do provide sufficient watch and ward during the continuance of the Fairs as heretofore they have done, and deliver to said Dominick, his heirs, &c., the Common Seal of this City; also that the bye law touching the mark, and 20s. the tun of Gascony and French wines shall not be evoked during said mortgage. 18 May, 1612. · Ea«rard Roch fz. John was chosen and sworn Sheriff of the City of Corck by the death of the late Nicholas Roch, dec., and to continue Sheriff till Michaelmas Monday next, and hereafter to have his station of a Sheriff as his predecessors had. 22 May, 1612. John Tyrry fz. Edd, an Alderman's sou, was admitted free, paying lOs., to be charged on the Chamberlain of the ancient City revenue. John Draddy, do., paying five nobles charged as above. Patrick Ronayne, an Aldern1an's son, admitted free, paying 13s. 4d., do. William Goold fz. George sworn free in consideration of four nobles, for that his father was in election of a Bailiff, the Chamberlain to be charged with 20s., the rest to be delivered out of such moneys due from the Court to his father. 22 May, 1612. . It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that a lease of 31 years be given unto Philip Goold fz. Garrett, of Corck, mercht., of the little moor or meadow on the north side 0f the Pigeon House, lieing on the west side of the walls of the City of Corck in length, from the ditch next the said wall on· the east to the river Lee on the west, and in breadth from the old water course running to Droup's mill next by north the Pigeon House on the south to the water course dividing the said moor from the north moor called Mone,

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