Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



by the Chamberlain of the old ancient revenue to the use of the Corporation the sum of 13s. 4d. out of every pipe of Canary wines brought over in the ship called Le deu de duce, whereof Gullam mudo de Kilber is mer- chant, beside the mark the bye law made if it be bought by any of this City. 4 May, 1612. Nomina J uratorum inter Georgium Goold de Civ. Corck, Ald., et David Tyrry fz. Edd. de eadem, gen. Thomas Coppinger, Ald. Edward Gallwey fz. James, gent. David Tyrry fz. Stephen, Ald. James Morrowgh, gent. Dominick Roch, Ald. Adam Coppinger, merch t. John Verdon, gent. Hary Goold fz. Piers, mercht. James Gallwey fz. John, gent. Morris Roch fz. Ja~es, mercht. Henry Goold fz. Adam, gent. David Gallwey fz. George, mercht. Thomas Goold fz. William, gent. .._, . We find that by the custom of the City it is lawful for Mr. George Goold to put up so many ladders as he shall require for the reparation of his house in David Tyrry fz. Edmond's lane from time to time, and if said David's house or land be annoyed or any way hindered, said George to repair same at his own costs, and if any gravel or filth do fall into the lane, same to be taken away, and said lane to be made clean, and left in same state as before the putting up the ladders, and this to be the general course for all others of that nature, and so to continue. Per THOMAM CoPPINGER, et So9ios Suos. Mr. Edmond Tyrry, Ald., to continue Eschetor of this City and Co. hereof, 'and to enquire of all matters belonging to his office for this year, and until another be sworn. 11 May, 1612. It was agreed upon by the Mayor, &c., at Court, that Mr. Dominick Roch fz. William, Ald., shall have all lands, tenements, &c., of the common land called Farryn-Comyne, being in the Co. of the City, with the profits, casual- ties, and priviledges of the Fairs to be held thereupon twice a year, or in any other place within the Co. of the City, and also 26s. Bd. out of every tun of Spanish and Canarie wines, or other wines of these qualities brought from any 'place beyond the seas in any vessel or bottom, by any freeman or

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