Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


ger, Ald., and David Goold at that time, as appeareth by their certificate dated 19th May, 1602. John Nevell, of Cork, mercht., took his oath in consideration of 7li. lOs., which he is to pay unto Mr. Mayor, who is to be charged therewith. 3 April, 1612. Mr. David Tyrry fz. Stephen, Ald., is appointed Clerk of the fines within the City, and Co. of the City, for this year, to be accountable for the moiety thereof to the Mayor, &c., and Chamberlain of the ancient City revenue, the other moiety to his own use for his pains in collecting, and to give him a sufficient warrant under our hands·. 6 April, 1612. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that towards the redemption of the prize wines now mortgaged, and towards the payment of fourscore pounds unto ., the Mayor that now is, and other causes for the good of the City, there shall be a tax of 330 pounds put indifferently on all the Aldermen, citizens, inhabitants, and dwellers of the City, and the •Jury appointed for that pur- pose, whereof Mr. Edmond Tyrry is foreman, impose the same indifferently, and as the said Jury shall put in the same Mr. Domk. Roch, Ald., Thomas Goold-fz. William, Edmond Martell, and Patrick Roch fz. Morris, to collect the premises, the said Dominick to receive of such persons dwelling upon his quarter, from the quay to the south gate on the east side, Edmond Martell the west south quarter, Thomas Goold the north west quarte.r, and Patrick Roch the north east quarter; and upon the receipt of the moneys, to deliver a note to such persons paying the fine, to re-deliver their several portions back again unto them, except it be given in redemption of the prize wines, and the collection to be paid over before the last day of May next, and upon the redemption of the prize wine, the mark being 13s. 4d. out of every pipe of wine to be released unto the merchants of this City, the old customs only remaining due as heretofore, and the law touching said mark to be cancelled, and the new customs lately made by the bye law to be reared out of both the gates, and the main gate to be from Michrelmas next extinguished and made void. -17 April, 1612. It was agreed at .Court .by the Mayor, &c., that there shall be collected

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