Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



While y Cottone on .the north, said Philip, paying for the use of the Commonaltie of the City 20s. yearly, with a clause in the lease of revoke if the rent be unpaid for two months after any of the gales be due ; said Philip shall not prejudice his Maj 1 ea. walls of said City under colour of the said lease. 25 May, 1612. ·Walter Gallwey fz. Francis admitted free, paying 20s.

Domk. Tyrry fz. Patrick, do., in manner aforesaid. Christopher Bluett, do., in consideration of 40s.

The said Domk. Tyrry was admitted in .consideration of 40s. released by David Goold fz. Adam unto the Court, which was due unto him of his · lending since the time Mr. Thomas Sarsfeld was Mayor. 28 May, 1612. George Goold, Ald., and Mr. Edmond Tyrry are appointed to pass an award between the Corporation arid Edward Roch fz. Morris and .Adam Coppinger touching the next fairs which they were to have by virtue ot a fo:rri:ter entry made in consideration of certain moneys given by them, · as they alledge, and what the said George and Edmond shall award touch- ing the premises to return under their hands upon Friday next in Whitsun week, and satisfaction to be made unto them by the Corporation. I 6 Jwne, 1612. ,..,; -~ ... .. :-'/ ) ~ By the assent of the Mayor, &c., the lower Gaol, or room under "the Court house of the Co. of the City, now in the possession of the Corpora- tion, is mortgaged unto Edward Roch fz. Morris fz. Edmond for SOU., to be paid unto Mr. Mayor, said Edward to enjoy the same until said sum be paid, with three years after redemption, paying 40$. yearly, the Mayor, &c., to perfect the writings as said Edward or his learned counsel shall devise under the Common Seal /."'\ ~ .//~ 26 J1JIM, 1612. //(!' -~ l Forasmuch as there is great want to use money towards the redeemin~· ....., . . _; 1 , of the prize wines mortga··ged, and other causes for the benefit of the Cit ' · . ~' . ' ""' u the Mayor, &c., assembled at Co~, the new customs of both the gate '. ;.,"l · . of the City and Maryne gate are set to John Tyrry fz. Francis until ·' . -~ 5 ' ~ \•

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