Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


paid a God's penny, that they may have the benefit of buying such wines ,and other commodities as were in the good Bark called the Margaret of Jarnsey, whereof is master John Taburryn, and merchant Andrew Luckers, to pay as followeth: unto the Mayor 10 pounds, and ten pounds more to the use of the Corporation if the Bark depart with the wine, &c., here hence, and if said wine be kept and landed, then said William and John to pay said 10 pounds ·to the Mayor, and 20 pounds to the use of the Corporation, to be made on departure or landing, provided said John and William shall have the full benefit of said wine, &c., to Sheriff Tyrry, Chamberlain of the City·revenue. 19 A '~.Lg., 1611. Philip Hartigane was sworn free of the City in consideration of 10 pounds paid for the use of the Corporation in Mr. Domk. Roch fz. William's year, and received by said Dominick and employed by him touching the affairs of the City and Corporation. 23 Aug., 1611. It was agreed at Court by the Mayor, &c., that Domlr. Roch fz. William and Thomas Gold and others, their holders, shall have the benefit of all such wines and other commodities as is in the ship called the Grallrart (?) of Jarsey, whereof Andrew Herne is merchant, and Tomae Sallomon is master, or hath been discharged out of said ship in consideration of the sum of six score and five pounds, to be paid towards the redemption of the fourth part of the prize wines l;>efore the feast of All Saints next, either unto Sir Domk. Sarsfeld, Knt., John Meade, or Walter Coppinger, Esqrs., if they receive the same, but if not, then said Domt. and Thomas, and three of the best holders, to be bound in recognizances of the staple of 300 pounds to the use of the Corporation, either to pay, or else in default of payment then said Sir Domlr. and Thomas and their executors to pay six score and five pounds before 2 May next, without collusion of said Sir Dominick, John Meade, or Walter Coppinger, in satisfaction of the redemption of said fourth part of said moiety, and refusing same, then to be paid unto the use of the Corporation, and it is agreed that said holders shall have full allow- ance without payment of customs usually levied or due to the City, &c., or given unto the Frenchman or his attorney in part payment for said wines, 4-2

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