Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


said Dominick to bear harmless the Mayor, &c., touching the former bar- gain made w!th the Frenchman, and to be bound in 200U. for payment unto the Frenchman for said wines, as well as of the impost. 25 Sep., 1611. Richard Rolley fz. Richard was admitted free in consideration of 20s., being a bailiff's son, to be charged on Sheriff Tyrry. Clement Skyddy fz. Michcel was admitted free in consideration of 5 nobles, do. Piers Lombard fz. David was admitted free in consideration of 5 nobles, do. 30 Sep., 1611. Mem. Curice Civ. Corck tempore Dominici Tyrry fz. Edmond, Maioris, Stephen Miagh fz. Garrett et Patricii Lavallyne fz. Richard Vicecom. Civ. · Corck. 7 Oct., 1611. William Coppinger fz. James sworn Sword Bearer for this year. James Martell fz. David, Porter of North Gate, do. Arthoure Skyddy, Porter of South Gate, do.

Clement Tyrry, Serjeant of the Mace. Stephen Gallwey, Serjeant of the Mace. William Skyddy fz. George, Searcher and Guager. Richard Goold, Gaoler. 14 Oct., 1611. John Skyddy sworn Water Bailiff, and Garrett Miagh Deputy. Thomas Skyddy and David Creaugh, Petty Serjeants. Nicholas Verdon and James MiaghJ Petty Porters. Richard Gallwey and James Power, Pilots for this year. Morris Gold and Piers Wallmy, Yeomeli.

James K~tane, Drummer. Edmond Mortimer, Bellman.

Mr. David Tyrry fz. Stephen, Overseer. Piers Goold fz. Adam, the other Overseer. 21 Oct., 1611. Mr. Sheriff Miagh, sworn Chamberlain of the old Revenue. Mr. Dominick Roch fz. William, Chamberlain of the new Custom.

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