Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



3 .April, 1611. It was agreed by assent of the Mayor, &c., that Dominick Tyrry fz. Edd Sheriff of the Co. of the City, shall be employed Agent for Dublin this ~ Easter term, touching the occasions of the City, v-iz., poundage, customs, rates, the fee farme of the City, and the Fahe, the supposed mortmains, &c., to receive 6s. 8d. pe·r diem and a letter of Attorney under the Common Seal to be to him delivered. 4 .April, 1611. It is agreed that the customs, &c., of the two next fairs to be kept within the Co. of the City shall be set to such as pay most for same, and being canted, all the customs, &c., were let to Thomas Coppinger, Ald., and Edward Roch fz. Morris fz. Edmond, two of the Council of said City, yield- ing unto Sheriff Tyrry, Chamberlain and City receiver, the sum of 20 marks ster. to exercise the office of Barrons, and finding other necessary officers to keep order, and giving allowance to Francis Roch, clerk of the fair, to re- ceive his fees for making his book and entries and giving tickets, the Mayor, &c., sending sufficient watch night and day to the fair, &c. 1 July, 1611. The Mayor, &c., according to a bye-law made in the time of Christopher Waters, Mayor, for electing the new Mayor against the next year, elected Mr. Edmond Tyrry, Ald., to be Mayor next year, and Mr. John Meade and Mr. John Coppinger, being successors by antiquity, to be of the three with him, but the election to fall on said Edmond, according to the former de- termination and bye-law of the whole Corporation. 3 July, 1611. William Karney fz. Cornelius was admitted to his freedom and took his oath at Court, for which he paid five nobles, to be charged on Sheriff Tyrry, who received at Court 23s. 4d., and an allowance of a ticket of lOs. due upon the Corporation unto James Karney. A1thnr Gallwey fz. William was . sworn the same day in consideration of lOs. received by the Sheriff, for which he shall account. 12 July, 1611. , John Verdon and William Skyddy fz. John have promised at Court, and

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