Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



not come as aforesaid shall forfeit five pounds for the first and ten for the second.fault, and doubling the latter sum for every subsequent fault, or the Sheriff to commit them to prison, and every landlord of any house within the City and suburbs who shall let a house, or place to build a house, unto any such person, whose father, mother, or himself were not born within this City, suburbs, liberties, or precincts, shall give notice to the Mayor or one of the Sheriffs within 24 hours after such demise, and every landlord who shall neglect ·to give such notice shall, for every 24 hours after said demise, .forfeit 20 shillings ster. 5 Feb., 1610. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that in regard of the daily great charges that this Corporation is at every term in Dub_lin, touching the fee farm of the ·City and of the Fahie, and many other causes, as the supposed mort- mains and other suites, there should be chosen a Solicitor for England, to solicit for them to his Highnes and Lords of the Council, touching said causes and such other defects as are in their Charter. It was therefore thought fit that Mr. John Cpppinger, Ald., be employed Agent and Solicitor, allowing him ten shillings· per diem so long as he shall be employed, to begin from the first day that he takes his passage here hence, to continue till his coming to this City. 20 Feb., 1610. In regard that certain Peetershymyne, Canary wines, iron, oil, fruit, and other commodities brought by Thomas Bimard, Mercht., of the good bark called the Loape, of J arsey, were canted at Court, and that none of the Com- mons proferred more profit unto the Court, for the buying of the said commodities, than Edward Roch fz. Morris. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., t~at said Edward shall have liberty to buy all said merchandise to his own use, agreeing with said merchant and paying Sheriff Tyrry, Chamber- lain and receiver of the old Customs, to the use of the Corporation the sum of 20 pounds ster., together with two stones of the figs and raisins. and a gallon of oil to every of the Aldermen of the City, and a reason- able quantity of fruit, and oil· to every Councillor hereof, every of them paying for his portion according to the rates set down by the said merchant. 4

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