Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


and Sheriffs 30 pounds ster., provided that if it seem good to the Mayor, &c., to elect a grounded Lawyer of this City, admitted to plead in his Maj's. Courts in Dublin, and well studied in the laws, to the office of Mayoraltie for the good of the City, notwithstanding that he be no Sheriff, that they may do so ; and for the better performance of this law to be kept for pos- terity, we, the Mayor, &c., have subscribed our names and took the corporal oaths to observe and keep the same bye law and every point and article therein without any enfringement or inviolating thereof for ever. Witness our hands, &c.-George Gowlle, Maior, Edmo. Tyrrye, John Coppinger, Dom. Tyrrye, and Andr. Gallwey, Sheriffs; David Tyrrye fz. Stephen, Edmond Gallwey. 31 Jan. 1610. Forasmuch as divers persons, some honest and loyal subjects, and some, as it is reported, not so honest, do daily flock into this City, suburbs and liberties out of all places, the last sort of them presuming that they may be harboured within the City and suburbs, that they may be free from the censure of the law, and others of them for concealing their reported misdemeanour, do hire and take houses and lodge there disordered persons, to the annoyance and discredit of this City and Commonwealth, It is this day enacted for a law, by the Mayor, &c., assembled in the Tolsey of this City, that all persons whose father, mother, and themselves were not born within this City, suburbs, liberties or precincts thereof, or who already took to rent or hereafter shall take to rent or build any house, little or great, upon .any land within the City or subur~s, shall at farthest within 24 hours next after notice of this law, given at their houses, repair with one or two good sureties, as the Mayor, &c., shall appoint, and enter into recognizance to the Mayor, &c., for such a sum of money as the Mayor, &c., shall think fit, viz., that they shall continue loyal subjects unto our gracious Sov. Lord King James, that they shall appear from time to time before the Mayor on every notice given, that they shall obey all laws, &c., of the City of Corck, and not use or suffer any unlawful gaming nor suspicious persons to·abide in their houses, and shall inform the Mayor, &c., of every suspicious person· of their places of resort, and shall take his or their corporal oath for the performance of the premises ; and, further it .is enacted, as a law by the Mayor, &c., that whosoever, dwelling within the City, shall refuse and will

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