Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Geoffrey Gallwey fz. Patrick, being all sons and heirs to Mayors, were, upon their admitting Counsellors, promised to be never troubled or called to the election or office of Bailiffs, but only reserved to supply upon other neces- sities and the office of Mayoraltie as occasion would be ministered, every one in his own rank and antiquity, notwithstanding the bye law made that none should be admitted Mayor but such as should first be Bailiff or Sheriff, and that every old Mayor should successively take the office of Mayoraltie, by means of which law, Mr. George Goold, now Mayor, was compelled to undergo that office of Mayoraltie for this present year, and Dominick Tyrry fz. Edmund, notwithstanding the former promise to be Sheriff for this pre- sent year. It is now, therefore, by the assent of the Mayor, &c., agreed and made a bye law that no person hereafter shall be elected Mayor of this City but such as shall first undergo the office of Sheriff, and that every Mayor's son and heir shall be elected and chosen Sheriff in his degree, call- , ing, and antiquitie, to be Sheriffs successively, one after the other, being of hability to undergo that office, and that Will. Goold fz. George, and Will. Skyddy fz. John, for the next year, shall be compelled to take the office of Shrievaltie, without any election, if no impediment bs proved, and if any such, then the next eldest Mayor's son to succeed in his place or pay 20 pounds ster. as a fine. .And after the said Mayors' sons and heirs so made Sheriff, every one in his degree, calling and antiquity, then such as have not borne the office of Sheriff (old Bailiffs and old Sheriffs excepted), and being. of the Council, shall successively, in their calling, &c., undergo the office of Sheriffship or pay, to the use of the Mayor, &c., 20 pounds ster. fine; and if hereafter the said law of old Mayors be infringed, altered, or determined by affi.uction of time, then every Mayor's son and heir, being of hability or sound of body, shall be elected Mayor of the City of Corck, every one in his degree, as he supplied the office of Sheriff, in antiquity, before any other that bore the office of Bailiff or Sheriff, first beginning with Dominick Tyrry, now Sheriff, and next .Andrew Gallwey fz. 'Walter, now Sheriff, or pay upon refusal 30 pounds ster., and further, it is agreed, &c., that every old Mayor and Sheriffs hereafter shall elect the worthiest Mayors' sons and heirs for their Sheriffs successively, until every one take his turn, and if .any Mayors or Sheriffs hereafter do nominate or consent to the nominating of any other Sheriffs but as aforesaid, he shall forfeit the sum of 40 pounds

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