Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Do. for Stephen Gallwey, Serjeant at Mace, Piers Goold fz. Adam and Edwd. Gallwey. Do. for Thomas Skyddy, Petty Serjeant, James Tyrry fz. Patrick and Stephen Skyddy. Do. for David Creaugh, Petty Serjeant, Rob'. Goold fz. Michrel and Walter Coppinger fz. William. 26 Oct., 1610 .. The accounts of Edward Roch, late Sheriff of the City, to be heard at Court on Tuesday next, 30 inst. 27 Oct., 1610. The Mayor, &c., being in some present necessity, did consider that the rearing of the new customs by people by us appointed would not be much more worth unto us to sell the same at the great, therefore we, the Mayor, &c., for the sum of 210 pounds ster., to be paid as followeth, have granted all the new customs, by a bye law, and the profits, &c., unto William Skyddy fz. John, of Corck, Merch ., for the year beginning the 8 of Oct. last past, viz., three score and five pounds upon request, 50 pounds on or before Jan. 8 next, 50 pounds more before April 9, 1611, the last payment being 45 pounds, to be paid Sep. 25, 1611, and that said William may dis- traine for the said customs in as ample a manner as is meant by the bye law ; and for better performance a common se8.1 to be given for the war- ranty of said new customs if he demand the same. 29 Oct., 1610. George Gowld, Mayor, Dominick Tyrry fz. Edmond, and Andrew Gallwey fz. Walter, Sheriffs, with the consent of the Council, &c., having considered the great enormity and hinderance that procedeth to this commonwealth and good government of this City and citizens in admitting young gentlemen, being Mayors' sons and heirs, being of tender years, to the office of Mayor- .altie before they were first Bailiffs, that by experience of that office they might the better discharge the office of Mayoraltie, ~nd albeit that certain number of young men were admitted Councellors of the ·City who never have been Bailiffs, amongst which William Goold fz. George, Dominick Tyrry fz. Edmond 1 William Skyddy fz. John, Edward Roch fz. Edmond, and

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