Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



rebellion (as God forbid) should happen in this province, to censure that the said Morrowghe shall, before the . . .... next ensueing the date hereof, break down the said work to the ground to the_height of ....• feet, and only use the same for a garden plot, and never build hereupon hereafter, and if he doth not perform accordingly by the said time, then the Mayor, &c., to break down same, and disfranchise said James Morrowghe of his freedom of City, &c. ; and for his contempt of former inhibitions, and con- trary to his oath, he was, by the voice of the Mayor, and according to the ancient custom of the City, fined for the use of .the Corporation 20 nobles to be levied by the Sheriff receiver, and to be charged on his account. 28 Sep., 1610. Nomina Juratorum inter Dom. Sarsfild militem et Andream Galwey fz. Walter, gen. Dominick Roch, Ald. John Verdon, gent. Edward Gallwey fz. James, gent. Stephen Skyddy fz. George. John Roch fz. Morris fz. Edd. Philip Goold fz. Gearrett. David (1) Miagh fz. James. - Goold fz. Michrel.

Edward (ink stain). (Ink stain illegible). Richard Goold fz. Pires.

Morris Roch fz. James. Robert Broune, mason. Morris Lyan, mason (Jurati).

William Tyrry. . Iebp Arthmlf&,

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