Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



We find that the house which James Morrowghe doth build with lima and stone and tyle in the garden by the way leading to St. Dominick's Abbey is not prejudicial to the City of Corck. The said Jury also sworn to enquire if the old wall betwixt the garden of William fz. Edmonds and the said garden of James Morrowghe be a party wall or no. We find that the old wall it is a party wall. Per PAT. TYRRY et Socios Suos. 17 Sep., 1610. Michael Gould fz. David is admitted to his freedom in consideration of 13s. 4d., in regard that his father paid 20li. for his admittance to be of the Council of the City; the said 13s. 4d. is paid over to the Sheriff. William Roch fz. Andrew is admitted to his freedom in consideration of 33s. 4d., which the Sheriff Roch received. William Gold fz. Richard is admitted to his freedom for 33s. 4d., which the Sheriff Roch received. 28 Sep., 1610. Forasmuch as in all Commonwealths the City, or chief place thereof, is most to be respected, not only in fortifying the same, but also in foreseeing and preventing future inconveniences that might ensue, and especially in not permitting any building to be made near unto the same, whereby it might be hurtful unto the said City, in action or jurisdiction, whereof our forefathers were careful, as we see by these precedents they left us ; and yet James Morrowgh, of this city, mercht., contrary to many inhibitions, both of the head Magistrates and by the Lord President, hath builded by stealth and degrees a stone building with lime and stone upon a certain garden conveyed unto him by Henry Verdon, of the same City, merch'., lieing without South Gate, and near the gate leading to St. Dominick's Abbey, contrary to an oath made to the Mayor and Councell of Corck There- fore the day aforesaid James Morrowghe, being convicted before the Mayor and Councell for the cause aforesaid, and being charged with the offence, he could ·not impugne the same, but remained in miserecord.ia. It was therefore thought meet by the Mayor, &c., considering the great annoyance it might be, if it were permitted, to the whole City if any insurrection or 3-2

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