Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



2 July, 1610. The Mayor, &c., assembled in open Court, have, aceording to a bye law made in the time of Christopher Waters, being Mayor, for the electing of their new Mayor, against the next year, that he might be better provided to bear the charge for the credit of the City and of himself that shall be chosen Mayor, named and elected George Goold, of said City, Alderman, to be Mayor next year without contradiction, and he to be brought in of the three, by the now Mayor and other two to be named on the election . Monday by the Sheriffs, to make up the three, and the said George, on election Monday, to be made Mayor and to take his oath according to this agree- ment now made, and Mr. Edward Tyrry and Mr. John Meade, being his next successors by antiquitie, and according to a late bye law made in that behalf to be of the three with him, but the election to fall upon George, as determined by the bye law of the whole Corporation. 17 Aug., 1610: It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., in open Court, that Harry Goold fz. Adam ·shall receive to his own use all manner of new C"Ustoms from the date hereof until Oct. 1 next, at both the gates, viz., the North Gate, and South Gate, and also at the Main Gate, according to the bye-law made for the n~w Customs~ said Harry Goold yieldin~ to the Corporation~ by the hands of the Chamberlain, the sum of 5li. lOs. Od. every week during said time, weekly to be paid. A grant to be made to hilll under the Common Seal if he demand same, ~c., at his own charge. 17 Aug., 16l0. -A- Jury impannelled to enq"Uire whether the stone house now to be builded by J a~es' Morrowghe without the South Gate of Corck, leading to St. Dominick's ..t\.bbey, 1;1pon certain lands some time in the tenure of Henry Verdon, mercht., may be prejudicial to the City or Corporation. Patrick Tyrry fz. Will., Ald. :Richard Gowld fz. Piers, gent. Dominick Roch fz. Will., .Ald. John Roch f~. James, gent. Nicholas Gold fz. Christr., gent. Will. Coppinger fz. Alexander, gent. John Verdon, gent. Edward Gallwey fz. James, gent. John Arthoure, gent. Richard Rolley, gent. Willi4UU Skyddy f2;. John, gent, Edward RoGh fz. Edmond, gent. Phillip Gould fz. Garrett, gent. William Gould fz. Georg, gent. Andrew Galwey f~. Walter, gent. (Jurati).

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