Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



We find that the common lane leading to his Maj's. walls hath been used, time beyond memory of man, where the middle door of the stone house builded by John Creaugh, dec., is placed, and so through directly between the said John's both tatched messuages to the stairs on the said walls, and we find that the said John Creaughe hath obstructed and built upon the said lane, so as his Maj's. subjects ~annot have egresse or regresse between the said lane as they were accustomed. .And we find that the said lane should be five feet from one end to another. Per Thomam Coppinger, et Socios Suos. 1 June, 1610. Mr. David Tirry, .Agent the last term, brought ~n and delivered in open Court to the Mayor and Council all the Charters which he received and brought for Dublin, and all other papers and orders, and the new orders for fines and fee farmes and other demands, and also cleared his accounts, and reckoning the money by him received, 28s. 1 Od., which remaineth in his hands towards the 20 nobles due to him for his pains, and there rests due to him 5li. 5s. 4d. 12 June, 1610. It is agreed that the customs a~d profits of the next fair, to be held on St. Mathew's day, shall be granted and farmed unto him that shall pay most for the same, because the profits of the former fairs have been spent about the attendance and keeping of the same, so as the Corporation saved no- thing of the profits, and yet have been much troubled for the same, and accordingly the same, being canted all the said customs, casualties, forfeits, and other profits, &c., have been demised by the consent of the whole Corpo- ration unto John ..Arthoure and Henry Gold fz. Adam, two of the Council of this City, to be enjoyed to their own profit, to be levied without wrong to any of his Maj's. subjects, the said John and Henry paying to the use of the Corporation the sum of seven pounds ster., the said John and Henry supplying the office of Barrons, and finding other necessary officers to keep good order, and giving allowance to Francis Roch, clerk of the fair, to re- ceive his lawful fees for making his book and entries, the ;Mayor and Corporation sending nightly to the said fair sufficient watch for the better keeping thereof. . a

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