Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


and to the writings to be perfected to Sheriff Goold for the said money now to be provided for that service, and to no other writi~gs, and then the seal shall be laid up safe again and the chest fast locked. 3 May, 1610. This day, by consent of the Mayor, &c., David Tyrry fz. David was em- ployed as Agent for Dublin about the affairs of the City; it was agreed on that he should receive the King's new Charter, and such other Charters as were necessary to be sent thither touching said causes, receiving a note for their redeliverie back again on his return. To receive 15 pounds ster., for which he is to account on his return, and as he effects for the said City touching the said causes, to have the award of four of the chiefest coun- sellors of the City for his pains and travel. Provided he defend the causes of the fee farme of the City and Fahe till Mich•. term next, to have 6li. 13s. 4d. for the same. 9 May, 1610. David Gold fz. George is admitted to his freedom, for which hi3 father, Mr. George Gold, is contented to deduct of his lending ten shilings,. as appeareth upon the back of said Goold's waiTant. 23 May 1610_ A Jury impannelled to inquire where the common lane leading to Gold's close, tow~rds the King's walls of the City of Corck, hath ~een used, and whether the same common lane was stopt up, whereby his Maj's. subjects · cannot have egress nor ingress to the said walls, either single or with their carriages, and wh<;> did obstruct the same:- 1 Thomas Coppinger of Cork, Ald. 9 Edmond Martell, do., gent. 2 John Verdon, do., gent. 10 Stephen White, do., gent. · 3 Robert Gowld fz. Michrel, do. gent. 11 John Tyrry fz. Francis, do., 4 John Arthowre, do., gent. gent. 5 Stephen Skyddy fz. George, do., 12 James Tyrry fz. Patrick, do., mercht. 6 Philipp Goold fz. Garrett, do.,gent. 7 Edmond Murrowgh, do., gent. 8 Michrel Gallwey fz. James, do., mercht. gent. 13 John Roch fz. Morris fz. Edmond, do., gent. 14 Patrick Roch fz. James, do., gent. 15 James Gallwey fz. John, do., gent. (Jurati)

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