Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Letters Patent of Charter granted to this Corporation is now set forward, and that it is found by the opinions of masons and skillful men that no convenient court house may be builded there until all the old walls and vault there (being all ruinous and unable to bear any other new work) be broken down, It is therefore agreed upon by common consent, for the more apeedy making up and finishing of the said work according to the purport of the Charter, that the said old walls and vaults shall be pulled down and new good walls be builded and made up of lime and stone, and the court house to be well and $Ufficiently contrived by the time limited for the same, and Mr. William Sarsfeld, Mr. Dominick Roch, Hary Gowld fz. Adam and Henry •. I I. I I I I are ·appointed Over~eers of all the works, to see same effected at the common charge. Edmond Gallwey, Maior; Edward Roche, Henry Goolde, Sheriffs- George Gowlle, Edmo. Tyrrye, John Coppinger. And, Barrey-more, Walter Coppinger, John Arthoure. 2 March, 1609. Andrew Gallwey fz. Waite~ was sworn a Councellor of the Git1 of Corck, and took his oath before the Mayor, &c., at Court. 3 March, 1609. Mr. Co:rmuck McDermody was admitted to his freedom gratis, and took his oath. 19 March, 1609. Mr. Dominick Tyrry fz. Edmond was sworn and chosen Corowner of the eo. of City of Cork, by common consent of the Mayor, &c., assembled in Court. 30 .&,pril, 1610. Whereas Mr. John Meade, having one of the keys of the common chest, is now absent, and the said key is, no\ to be found, and there is present necessity to fix the common seal to a letter of Attorney for the Agent of the Corporation, and also for some writings to be perfected to get money for the City affairs of great importance, it is therefor.,. agreed by wmmon consent that the lock of that key shall be broken up, and the chest opened with the other ke;rs, and the common seal be fixed to the letter of Attorney

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