Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Forasmuch as the Mayor received several letters from the Vice-President of the province of Munster, and Sir Thomas Ridgwey, Kt., Vice-Treasurer of Ireland, for the delivery of 260 li., either in money or victuals, to Sir William St. John, Kt., towards victualling of His Maj. ship Advantage, whereof Sir William is Captain, to be repaid upon sight of said Treasurer's letter, with the acknowledgment of said Sir William in England, for the payment of which to said Sir William it was agreed upon at Court, and an entry made by the Mayor, &c., to take up so much money of such mer- chants of.this City as hath shops or standings within same and are traffickers for England, which said merchants paid, receiving their security of repayment in London by the bond of the Mayor, Mr. Edmond Tyrry, Mr. John Coppinger, and Mr. Dominick Roche, Aldermen, who became bound severally in 400 li. that said sum of 160 li. [sic] or so much as shall be received of said merchants, to be paid a.s aforesaid, shall be unto James • Halle and Patrick Cronyne, or their assignes, to ~he use of the said mer- chants, well and truly paid in London within six days after the sight of bills of England in that behalf to be directed by the said Treasurer. It is therefore agreed at Court by the Mayor, Sheriffs, Council, and Commonaltie assembled for the security of said Mayor and the rest who bound them- selves for the repayment of the said moneys, that if James . Halle or Patrick Cronyne be not paid said sum in London, then a tax or equal contribution be put upon the Corporation and citizens of this City towards their payment. 19 Jan., 1609. Edmond Gallwey is chosen Agent and Solicitor, by letter of Attorney under the Commonaltie's seal, this Hilary term in Dublin, for answering the two Scire Faciasses, touching the Fee Farme and Lands of the Fahe, and all other causes of the City, as he shall have instructions, now in question in Dublin; and is to receive of Philip Gowld, Chamberlain, 20. pounds ster., to be employed about the causes of said City, to detain for himself five po~ds, and on his return to account for the rest. 29 Jan., 1609. Forasmuch as the work arid building of a court house for the County of Corke, _in the King's old Castle, aceording tq a clause in His .Maj's. late I

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