Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



called Balenvaridge, as the meares runneth betwixt the lands of Ballygar- van aforesaid and Ballyncrana within liberties and alongst the bogg betwixt Ballyadame without liberties and Ballencrana aforesaid, and thence to the box or feigh betwixt the lands of Tullagh Ballengromulighe without liber- ties ~ and the lands of Killeburighey within liberties," and vthence the Feigh and bog betwixt Ballengmulaghe the lands of Knockenyskeahy, Knockeny- leirigh and Ballymakeadane without the liberties, one the south west to the lands Ballenyboultigge, Ballentannig and Inskeanny within the liberties benorth, and thence as the meares goeth betwixt the lands of the Abbey of Ballymakedane, Ballyhonen, Correvaly and · Burdenstoune without the liberties on the south west of Balenorry within liberties; one the north east, thence to the fourd of Ma~ without liberties to Bohirre ny Menane as the meare goeth, Ballencolly without the liberties on the·west and the lands · of Carridgroghane within the liberties on the east, northwards to the river of Lee, &c. DoM. SARSFELDE. PAR LANE, EDMOND FITZ GERRALD. The L<>rds Justices of Assize and oyer and determiner in the County of Corcke, having perused his Majestie's Patent of Charter for incorporating the City of Corcke by the name of the Mayor, Sheriffs, and Commonalty, by which it pleased his highness to grant that the City of Corcke and three miles distant every way from the walls should be a distinct county, called the County of the City of Corcke; and also we have aeen a perambula- tion, &c., by virtue of said Charter, for limiting said county, by which it appeareth that the freeholders above specified have freeholds within said limits. These are to require you, the Sheriff of tJ:te co. of Corcke, to for- bear impanneling any of said freeholders above specified, or any other free- holder within said limits of said co. of the City of Corcke to attend any Assizes or Sessions to be held for the co. of Corcke, by reason of any lands within said co. of the City of Corcke, unless they have lands within your count:y-, &c. Given at the King's Ould Castell in the co. of Corcke, the xxii July, 1609. NICHOLAS W ALSHE, PETER PALMER.


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