Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Andrew Miagh, of Balenycrushy. Thomas Coppinger, of Ballyvolane. Patrick Stanton, of Ballyphyllip. Dominicke of Gransagh.

To his Maj. Justices of Assize in Com. Corcke.

.A Perambu.lation made on Friday xiiii. July, 1609, by Dominick Sars· feld, Kt., one of his Majeu' Justice of his highnes chief place in Ireland, Sir Par lane, Kt., and Sir Edmond fitz Gerrald, Kt., Commissioners appointed and authorised by his Majtiu Letters Pa- tents and Charter Royalty, dated x March, at Westminster, 1608. The said Commissioners, having perambulated the south side of the said City of Corcke, they have bounded, meared and limited the said County of the City of Corcke on the saith south side as followeth, vid., from the valley called Glanfue, as the brook running through the same followeth into the king's channel by east betwixt Ard~in the County of Corcke and Roches· .. toun in the County ofthe City of Corc~e, to be within liberties, to the moore betwixt Ballyfrlow without liberties, and Knocknymolaghtin within liber· ties to the highway Ballifowle as foresaid and the fourd of Ballyorbane within liberties, and thence alonst by the hedg of Rochenferrin within liberties to the fourd of Byallyenvonny betwiXt Ballenknockane without libertiea and Kileleigh within liberties, thence to the fourd Ballenreth a little by north the Castle of Ballenreth without liberties, and as the glyn or valley.goeth betwixt the half plowland of the Castle without liberties and the land of Trasmire parcell of Ballenreth within liberties, to the high way ~ through lliasgillea, and so westward the highway to Lisni~w, through Culefaltane, leaving parcell thereof without liberties and parcell within to the glyne of Ballenrisig without liberties, leaving Ballydorry, Coseduff and Rathbearnagh within liberties, thence to the hedg betwixt Ballenrisigh aforesaid, Ba]lenvosky within liberties, a.nd so alongst the m13ares of Killy- , ..· neohone and Kjjlejl&-Without liberties and the glyne betwixt Kill~lela aforesaid and Raghmacvlige within liberties, and thence to the .fourd of Ballekissy, and thence through the high way dividing Ballyduhidge, leaving the hedg and Fauey Vallyduhidg within liberties and the rest of Bally- duhidg besouth that way without liberties, thence westward to the valley of Ballygarvane without liberties, thence to the fourd of Ballencranige, 1-2 --.

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