Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



sioners · appointed for that cause within the County of .the City of Corcke :- Sir John Fitz Edmond Gerrald, of Ballenvoskie, Kt.

Cormocke McDermod Carty, of Blarny, Esq. Morrish Ronayne, of Knocknymulaght, gent. Thomas Ronayne, of Monfieldstowne, gent. Peirce Gould, of Dougles, gent. Wm. Hoare, of Munygormey, gent. John Hoare, of Ballimillaghe, gent. Edmond Coppinger, of Trisell Castell, gent. John Roche fz. J ohne, of Ballyorlane. Patricke Terry, of Ratennyerne, gent. Andrew Gallway, of Trashmire, gent. Dominicke Roche, of Arde Rostige, gent. Francis Roche, gf Rathmacullicke. John Roche fitz James, of Carrickanavye, gent. George Gould, of Lehenagh, gent. · Phillipp Marttell, of Ballencrany, gent. Thomas Cullane, of Garranedaragh, gent. Thomas Cullane, of Garrandarage. Thomas Goggane, of ·Ballenvohye, gent. John Goggane, of ............, gent. James Gould, of Ballionory. Edmond Rochfourd, of Ballimage. John Kent, of Currighine. Abraham Baker, of Carrigrohane. John fitz Thomas, of Richfourdstowne. Gully Oleaghie, of Ballenvrensige.

James fitz John, of Poulecurry. W m. Stanton, of Balesharowne. Aerra Walter, of Gulleballyspillane. Richard Barry, of Ratenisky. John Walter, of Garraneboy. David Barry, of Ballyheine. Henry Skiddy, of Clohyns. Christopher Gallway, of Knockaragane.

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