Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals





The Humble Petition of the Mayor, Sheriffs and Oommons of the City of Corclce• . DECLARING that whereas Sir Dominicke Sarsfeld, Kt., Sir Par lane, Kt., and Sir Edmond Fitz Gerrald 1 Kt., by authority to them granted by His Majestie's Letters Patents of Charter bearing date at Westminster, tenth of March, have perambulated, meared and limited the County of the City of Corcke, three miles distant from the walls of the said city, within which limits the freeholders underwritten have been heretofore returned by the Sheriff of the County of Corcke, to give their attendance at assizes and sessions within said County of Corcke. And now that it pleased the King's most exc.ellent Majesty, by his Letters Patents of Charter, &c., to in- corporate said City by the name of the Mayor, Sheriffs, and Commons, and that also the said City within the said limits should be a distinct county by the name of the County of the City of Corcke; that your Lordship will be pleased to require the said Sheriff of the County of Corcke for the time being to forbear impanneling, &c., any of said freeholders at any assize or sessions in the said County of Corcke, by reason of any of their lands within the limits of the said County of the City, hu.t that they may be left to give their attendance at the sessions of the said County of said City, and to be returned by the Sheriffs of the County of the City,· according to the purport of his Majestie's said Letters Patents of Charter, and they shall praye. The names of the Free~olders brought by his Majestie's Commis· 1

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