Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



about 23 acres, by virtue of a lease made by our Commissioners of Revenue, dated 13 Aug., 1765, for 61 years, at £10 pe'r an. As said Commissioners had no power to make such lease, he prays you to recommend us to grant a new lease under the seal of our Court of Exchequer. He prays a lease of 600 years at 40s. per an. You set forth that said island is a barren spot of little value to the Crown, lying almost op- posite to his seat of Rostellan, where he resides, it is a very desirable object to him, and will secure his family from any annoyance to which they may be subjected should it fall into other hands. He assenting to a clause in the lease reserving to the crown the power of resuming possession of the whole island to erect a fort, light-house, &c., of public use. We order letters patent to be passed for same. St. James', 4 July, 1774. 1774. Letter dated 19 August last. John Pick, minister of French Irish Book, Church, Cork, invited from Geneva by the French Protestants of Cork, xii. 294 · received a salary of £75 by subscription. He has oeen minister of said ·church since 1732. The subscription has failed by the death of many heads of French protestant families. In 1745 he had but £50 per an. from both churches in Cork, tlie duty of which he performed alone, by the death of his colleague the Rev. John Madras; he bas no other means to support his family, and is now 67 years of age.. Prays that the whole sum of £100 on Civil list be granted to him. His case was supported by the present and late Bishops of Cork, Churchwardens and Eldersof the French Church. Ordered to :receive £100 per an., 4 Nov., 1774. Irish Book 1775. The Treasury having employed Messrs. Mure, Son, and Atkin- xii. 35d.' son to ship 3:3320lb. weight of candles for the use of His Majesties forces in America, who have provided same quantity at Cork. The ship Jeanie, . John Kirkwood, master, is to call there for them, duty free. 1 Nov., 1775. '\.. · / lris~.Book, 1783. William Bryan, Esq., appointed Cork Herald at Arms, at £15 I\ xm. 169. per an. 24 Feb., 1783. ' J. . Irish Book, 1785. Nicholas Colthurst, Town Major of Cork, at 4s. per diem. 6 May. / \ xiv. 68.

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