Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



171 'i, Oct. 17. Petition of Catherine, Countess Dowager of Barry- more, fraying that her husband, Francis Gash may be discharged froni a Iris~ Book, debt o £300 due to his Majesty on a bond security for his brother John vu. 839 •· Gash, late Collector of Cork. Irish Book; do. 1720, Dec. 20. Peter Smith, surveyor at ~vice Cole, dec .. 1723. The Barracks of Cork and Ballinrobe to be supplied with bed- Irish Book, dings and utensils. £828 4s. 4d. was issued in 1717 to Col. Richd. Morris for their use, which he embezzled, and dying without effects has created viii. 28 " this application. Whitehall, 3 Sep., 1723. 1726. James II;.r by letters patent, dated 6 March first of his reign, did Irish Book, grant to Stephen i:Sweet and Henry Sweet, gents. and the survivor of do. them, the office of searcher, packer, and guager of all merchandize, &c., brought into the port of Cork and all bays, creeks, &c., of said port, at a yearly stipend of £5, with all fees, &c. Stephen is dead, and Henry is the surviving patentee, We grant to Edward Cooke of Kilkenny, Esq., said office of searcher, &c., of the ~~rt of Cork, to have after the death of said Henry Sweet during the natural life of Wil- liam Fownes, gent., grandson to Sir William Fownes of Dublin, Bart., in same man- ner as Sweet, also to John Trotter of Downpatrick, gent, during his natural life after the death of Fownes. Kensington, 7 Dec., 1726. 1734. John Love, recommended by the Chancellor of the Exchequer and received the thanks of the House of Commons in Ireland,for his ze;;i ~h :rk, and service in the protestant cause, has applied to the Lords of the Trea- a. · sury to succeed Wm. Maynard, Esq., late Collector of Cork. Ordered to be appointed. Richmond, 16 May, 1734. 17 40. Petition of the Mayor, &c., of Cork, rray that at their own ex- Irish B k p_ense they ma;y_arch over and enclose the north-west bastion of the ix ~ ' Fort where the New Barracks in the South Liberties are built, for safe · · keeping of gunpowder that shall be imported there. Granted, provided that separate magazines be made for the powder belonging to Government, and that the City may not interfere, and said magazine t6 be built by an Engineer belonging to the Ordnance. Whitehall, 9 Sep., 17 40. 1740. A memorial of several gentlemen residing at or near Berehaven, lri h B k dated 16 August last, setting forth the necessity for a Barracks to be built .:X, ~ ' in that place for one company and half of foot, according to the present establishment or these companies on the old establishment,to prevent running of goods and the shipping men off for foreign service, amount £1979 lOs. IOd. Directed to set out such part of his Majestie's lands as may be convenient for that purpose. Whitehall, 9 Sep., 17 40. 1745. We are acquainted by your letter that there are two French . Churches in Cork which have conformed to the Liturgy of the Church lri~ ~k, of Ireland, and that several industrious French protestant families have · lately come over and settled at Cork, induced by the opportunity they have of wor- shipping God according to their conscience, and desiring a salary of £50 per an. fur support of each of said churches. We give you orders for placing same on Civil Establishment. St. James', 25 Nov., 1745. . 1749. £500 per an. to John Love, collector of Cork, 12 March, 1749. Irish Book, St. James'. x. 28. 1754. The de:putation appointing Sir Richard Cox collector of Cork is Irish Book, su{)erseded.· Theu Lordships desire that you will appoint the Hon. James x.l46. O'Brien to succeed him. 9 May, 1754. 1756. Humble Address of the House of Commons (Corporations of Irish Book, Ireland, Navigation inter alia). Towards making the River Lee navig- x. 211 • able from the city of Cork to the town of Macromp £2000. Towards making the River Black water, do. from the coal-pits of Dromagh and Dysert, co. Cork, to Cappo- quin Bridge, co. Waterford. St. James', 7 AI>_ril, 1756. . · 177 4. By letter of 8 March last, William Earl of Inchiquin, is in pos- Iri~ ~fk, session of the Island of Haulbollne in the harbour of Cork, containing xu. •

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