Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



1 July, 1609. Mem. This day the Mayor, Sheriffs, Counsell and Commons assembled ~ogether at Court, made a bye-law, that the office of Maioraltie shall successively be..supplied every year hereafter by the old Mayors of the said City, one after another, beginning with the first auncientest Mayor, t~ next year upon the election Monday, and every year after the next aun- cientest Mayor, and so from year to year to continue, and every of the said Mayors refusing to take his turn and supply the said office, to give notice of his refusal upon the first of July, being the day appointed by a former law for the denomination of the succeeding Mayor, to pay the fine of Thirty pounds to the use of the corporation, and the next auncientest Mayor to be then elected : the like· sum to be; paid by every one of them on refusal And when the course of succession of the old Mayors shall be expired by affluxion of time, or by refusal, and making payment of their fines, that then the office of Mayor be supplied by the auncientest Bailiffs and She- riffs, every one to be elected and succeed according to his antiquity, unless there be some impediment in the persons that by antiquity should succeed, and in case of such impediment, then the next auncientest capable person, and in case of refusal to pay a fine of 20 li., succession to pass as aforesaid, and it is further made a bye-law that no person be admitted to the office of Mayoraltie of this City, but such as shall be Sheriff and bear the office of Sheriff, or hath been Bailiff in the said City, before he shall be selecte~ and made Mayor, and come to any antiquity as aforesaid. 18 July, 1609. Where there was a bye-law made in the time of Mr. William Sarsfi1d being Mayor, that in regard of the great charge of the City, and that strangers take up the benefit which might redoune to the decayed citizens' children. It was enacted and made a bye-law, that no manner of persons born out of the said City, and whose parents were not natives of the same, should be retayned by any of the said City as their servants, prentices, or partners in merchandize, or other trades, but should first find sureties be- fore the officers for the time being, that after their partnership or~ prenti- ship,&c., ended, to marry one of this City, or otherwise marrying out of this city to make his continual dwelling within the same, and be contributive to

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