Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



22 Sep., 1637.

Patrick Stanton do. paying 2li. lOs. John Mathew, Glover, do. paying 2li. lOs. 22 Sep., 1637:

David Meade, Esq., Mayor, hath, in presence of us, the Aldermen, &c., of this City, cleared his accompts, and there remains due to him £24li. 9s. 6d., which he borrowed of his son Patrick Mead for the use of this Corporation, for which money the will and pleasure of the .Aldermen, &c., is, that the Mayor elected for this next year do direct his warrant to his Chamberlain, whereby said sum may be paid to said David or his son out of the first receipts. 18 Aug., 1637. Mem.. Curire Civitatis Corcke tempore Patricii La valine, Maioris. Thomre Sarsfield et Gulielmi Tirrie, Vicecomit. ejusdem Civitatis. 2 Oct., 1637.

Patrick Lavaline sworn Maior of this City. Thomas Sarsfield and William Thirrie, Sheriffs. 9 Oct., 1637. William Galwey, Swordbearer. Michrel Galwey and Stephen Galwey, Porters. Domk. Roche and John Galwey, Serjeants. John Miagh, Waterbailiff. 16 Oct., 1637. Edmond fz. Gerald and Edmond Cleere, Petty Serjeants. James Waters and John Mac Teige, Under Porters. 23 Oct., 1637.

Edmond Mortimer, Bellman. Morish Meskell, Drummer. William Hensey, Footman. Richard Roche, Ald., Common Speaker. Thomas Sarsfield, Sheriff, sworn Chamberlain. William Tirrie, .Ald., and George Morrough, Overseers. 29 Nov., 1637. Having accompted with Mr. Morish Roche, Al.d,., and the rest of the

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