Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



ment of the arrearages of stipend due to Domk. Copinger, Esq., Recorder. In consideration thereof it was agreed, by consent of the Mayor, &c., that in case the money be not repaid said Sheriff, or some other satisfaction be made within one month after the date above written, that then said Sheriff shall enioy the petty customs of both gates for one year to his own usc. DAVID MEADE, Maior. WILLIAM VERDON, Vic. [Cancelled.] 7 Aug., 1637. Mr. Domk. Copinger, Recorder, is paid his stipend for the time passed, as also for this present year he hath received 5 pounds ster., to receive the other five at Michrelmas. Mr. Thomas Ronane of Corcke, Ald., did, in presence of the Mayor, &c., assent that each of the freemen of this City may land their goods, &c., upon the quay newly erected by said Thomas, for 24 hours, without any custom, sand only excepted for manurance. THo. RONAYNE. In like sorte Mr. Ald. Ronane did promise for him and his heirs never to build or erect on said quay. THo. RoNAYNE. 7 Aug., 1637. John Kent fitz Phillip and Dermod Leaghie sworn free paying the usual fees. 13 Sep., 1637. James Ronane fz. John do. paying 13s. 4d. David Miagh, being a sovereign's son of Kilmallock, is sworn free pay· ing five nobles. William Goold fz. Walter sworn free paying lOs.

Morish Roche fz. Moriah do. paying lOs. Patrick Meade fz. David do. paying lOs. Patrick Roche fz. Patricke do. paying 4 nobles. Patrick Miagh fz. ~ichard do. do. 21 Sep., 1637. John Tirrie fz. David do. paying a marke, 13s. 4d. William Tinie fz. David do. do. Walter Copinger do. paying 30s. in Robert Miagh's year. Cornelius Clonane do. paying 2li. lOs.


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