Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



22 March, 1633. By consent of the Mayor, &c., it was agreed that James Gallway of Corcke, gent., shall have a letter of attorney for to prosecute a seizure lately done by James Gallwey, Wm. Lombard, Wm. Copinger, John Skiddy, and John Flyne of this City, upon tobaco belonging to Thomas Bates, Merchant, with this proviso, that ·the said freemen above-named shall bear the cost in law of the said suites. 28 March, 1634. Forasmuch as Richard Roche, Esq., now Maior, is by directions from the Right Honl. the Lord Deputy commanded to appear in Dublin immediately, Now, in performance of the ancient customs of this City, I, the Mai<_>r, do hereby appoint John Copinger, being the eldest alderman, to be Deputy Maior until my return from said journey. 6 May, 1634. It was agreed by consent of the Mayor, &c., that, whereas a Jury'of select men being duly sworn for the taxing of this Corporation,.for the building and erecting of the bridges of this City, have consulted thereof, and have charged a personal charge upon the Aldermen, &c., of this City, and to the intent that a work of so great consequ,ence should not be delayed,. but take a speedy and hilarous effect : It is agreed that what the Jury have done be confirmed as the act of this Court, and the sums charged by the Jury shall be levied, for no other use, or by no directions whatever, upon the bodies, goods, and lands of the persons so charged, be it by arrest or distress, &c., and that so necessary a work may not receive any colours, or be carelessly built, it is agreed t.hat Domk. Roche, Ald., Wm. Skiddy, Ald., Michel Gould, Adame Good, gent., be overseers of th~ work, and for the better forwarding the work, the moneys so charged be levied by Thomas Martell, James Lom- • bard, John Miagh, and Melcher Lavallyne, to be disposed of as Domk. Roche and the rest shall advise. 24 June, 1634. Where Sir William Sarsfield, Knt., and Domk. Copinger, Esq., Recorder of Corcke, being chosen and elected as citizens and burgesses for this present Parliament for the City of Corcke and County thereof, have and do hereby promise that in respect of the dishability of this City (which they do

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