Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



31 Jan., 1633. Lawrence Lange is sworn a freeman paying 3 pounds ster. 23 May, 1634. Henry Goold fz. Edmond do., for which he paid Domk. White 268. Bd. in full discharge for ever of said Domk. White. 12 Sep., 1634. James Faggin and Robt. Coppinger fz. Adam do. paying Stephen Gall-

way, Swordbearer, 208. apiece. Morrish Roche fz. Richard do.

26 Sep., 1634. Patrick Gallwey fz. Stephen do. paying 15s. 9 Dec., 1633.

It was agreed by the Maior, &c., that Morris Roch, Ald., Maior of the staple, shall pay Patrick Meade, Doctor, the sum of 40 pounds ster., as part payment of 60 pounds the Corporation oweth him for his annuity for the six years past, out of the 65 pounds that said Morris Roch received at the hands of Robt. Copinger, for the office of the Clerkship of the staple, and we promise to bear Morris and his Constables harmless concerning the sale of said office, &c. 13 Jan., 1633. William Skiddy, David Tyrry fz. Edmond, and Morris Roche, Common Speaker, Ald., being this day employed to Mallow to appear before the lord President by his Lordship's Command concerning the proposition made for Augmentation of the means of the parsons and vicars of Christ Church and St. Peter's, in this City. It is this day agreed by consent of the Mayor, &c., that said Alderman shall not consent to give way to any new charge, real or personal, to be laid upon the parishioners of the said churches, towards the maintenance of the said parson, vicars, And if the said Aldermen, or any of them, should be imprisoned or put to any further trouble or travel, that the charges be defraied by the Corporation. 24 Feb., 1633. It was agreed by the Maior, &c., that John Roche fz. Phillip, Merchant, in consideration of 15 pounds paid for the occasions of the City, have the station of a Sheriff and Councillor. &c.

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