Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



30 Sep., 1633. · By the Lord Deputy-Wentworth.

W~ereas we have thought fit that the foot companies under the command of Sir Barniby Bryan, Knt., and Sir Thomas W enman, Knt., should continue in the nowe Garrison, These are to require you to see the said foot com- panies, together with their officers, to be well and sufficiently provided from time to time henceforward within that town of competent lodging, fire and candlelight, and what else hath been heretofore accustomed, until our fur- ther pleasure be known, &c., and this shall be your warrant. Given at his Majesties Castle of Dublin, 20 Aug., 1633. To the Maior of Corcke, and all other his Maj. Officers and Ministers there whom it may concern. SIR BARNmY BRIAN, THO. LITTELL. 30 Sep., 1633. Mem. Curire Civ. Corcke, tempore Richardi Roch, Armig. Maioris~ Roberti Verdon et Dominici Tyrry, Vicecomit. ejusdem Civitatis. 7 Oct., 1633.

Dominick Copinger, Esq., was sworn Recorder. Stephen Gallway fz. Geffrey, Sword Bearer. Domk. Roche and John Gallwey, Serjeants at Mace. William Skiddy and David Gallway, Porters of the Gates. 14 Oct., 1633. Edmond Gerrald and Edmond Cleere, Petty Serjeants. John Goold and Nicholas Verdon, Under Porters.

Geffrey Gallway, Yeoman for the Maior. George Wise, Yeoman for the Sheriffs. 21 Oct., 1633. Morris Roche fz. James, Ald., Common Speaker. Robert Verdon, Sheriff, is now Chamberlaine. Sureties, Henry Gould, Ald., and Edmond Martell, Ald. Thomas Ronane, Ald., and George Morroughe, Overseers. David Gallwey and John fz. William, Pilotts. David How fz. John, Drummer. Surety, William Skiddie, Ald.

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