Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


and Henry Gould, Ald., to examine the contents of the referment, and to make return to the next Lords Justices of Assize, which they were ready to perform until upon a motion made by Mr. Henry Gould that all demands made by said Dominick should be referred arbitrable to. said Sir Walter Copinger and Henry Gould, which motion said Dom. Roche did accept, and the Maior, &c., in behalf of the Commons, did willingly refer said contro- versy to said Copinger and Gould, to make an end of the same at any time by the 20 Sep. next, and for the better testimonial the Mayor, Recor- der, &c., have put their hands, 17 Aug., 1633. Wm. Roche, Maior. Dom. Copinger, Recorder. John Copinger, Dom.. Roche, Robert Copinger, Vic., Edward Gould, Vic., wm. Skiddy, David Tirry, Edmond Martell, Thomas Roche, David Tirry, Com· Speaker; Morish Roche, wm. Tirry, Gefferey Gallway. 16 Sep., 1633. Upon examination of the difference between Domk. Roche, Ald., and the Maior, &c., we find that said Domk. Roche hath honestly demeaned him- self, and had sustained the losses of ~00 pounds ster. ; nevertheless, having consideration of the poverty of the means of the Corporation to support their great charge, and for a full conclusion of all the controversy, we order that the said Dominick Roche and his assigns shall have the benefit of the customs of the ports of the City for one year more, to beg~n at the end of his former years, paying for said year 50 pounds for the use of the Corporation, mz., 20 pounds at Easter, 1634, 20 pounds 15 Aug. that year,. and 10 pounds at Christmas next, and we order an entry to be made in the Court book of the City for performance thereof. WALTER CoPINGER, HENRY GoULD. Upon consideration hereof it is agreed. by the Mayor, &c., that the bye- law made in the time of Andrew Skiddy, Maior, Henry Roberts and Richard Rouse, Sheriffs, for the customs of both gates and the Marine Gate set ~to Dom Roche, Ald., and his assignes~ for the purposes in said bye-law ex- pressed, that said Dominick Roche shall have said customs for the term, for the reasons expressed in said order, and especially as he had a Common Seal granted by the Mayor, &c., for the holding of said customs after the expiration of twelve years, for so long a time as the timber bridges were broken and decayed, which order we confllm in all points. 22-2

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