Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



ground without the North gate, belonging to said Corporation, adjacent to the road leading to said City from the Blarney, containing in length...... square feet, and in breath ...... square feet, set forth and bounded by us. And for that Sir William Sarsfeld, Knt., tendring our welfare, that plot of ground being upon sale, is contented to pay unto said Corporation's use the sum of 80 pounds ster., with the annual rent of 5s., and a clause of distress for nonpayment of same, for the absolute fee-simple of said lands to him, his heirs, &c. ; and as same sum far exceedeth any former sum offered for same, we bind ourselves, &c., by our deed under the common Seal, to pass the fee-simple of said premisses unto said Sir William Sarsfeld, &c., with a bond of 500 pounds for warranty thereof, said money to be forthwith paid. [This item is Cancelled.] The namPs of all those that were elected, chosen, and ~worn of .the four- and-twenty Cou-ncillors ofthis City, according the new Charter : 1. wm. Roche, Maior. 14. Henry Gould fz.Adam,Ald.,obiit; 2~ Sir William Sarsfeld, Knt. 15. Edmond Martell, Ald., obiit. 3. Sir W~lter Copinger, Knt., obiit. 16. David Tirry fz. Edm., Ald. 4. Sir John Copinger, Knt. 17. James Morrough, Ald., obiit. , 5. Dom. Copinger, Esq., Recorder. 18. Morish Roche, Ald. 6. John Copinger, Ald., obiit. 19. Gefferey Gallway, Ald. 7. Thomas Copinger, Ald., obiit. 20. Richard Roche fz. John. 8. Dom. Roche, Ald. 21. Thomas ~artell fz. Phillip. 9. Dom. Tirry, Ald. 22. Robert Miagh fz. David, obiit. 10. wm. Skiddy, Ald. 23. David Meade fz. John. 11. David Tirry fz. Da., Ald., obiit. 24. Patrick Lavalline. 12. wm. Tirry fz. Ric., Ald. . Thomas Sarsfield ats. Sarsfeld. 13. Thomas Ronayne, Ald., obiit. Thomas Goold fz. George. 20 Sep., 1633. Whereas Domk. Roche, Ald., hath preferred a petition to Sir Edward Harris, Knt., and Sir William Rives, Knt., being lords Justices of the Assize holden for this City and County, against the Corporation, concerning several demands and losses sustained by said Dominick for nonperformance of the said Corporation, touching the bridges and other works undertaken by said Dominick, whereupon he referred to Sir Walter Copinger, Knt.,

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