Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



28 May, 1633. :Richard Miagh fz. Patrick was sworn a freeman paying 13s. 4d., being a Councillor's son. George Morrough fz. Edmond do., do., do. Richard Carroll and Phillip Coghlane do., for which they have paid as freemen's children, 3li. 6s. 8d. 1 July, 1633. Walter Gallway fz. Richard do. paying 20s. 7 Aug., 1633. Richard Bass fz. Patrick do. paying lli. 6s. 8d. James Newman do., having served out his apprentiship, 3li. 16 Sep., 1633. . James Coppinger fz. John do. paying lOs., being an Alderman's son. Patrick Roche fz. James do. paying lli. Patrick Gould fz. Perish do. paying 13s., being a Councillor's son. 20 Sep., 1633. Richard Browne fz. Patricke do. paying lli., being a Sovereign's son, and serving his full apprentiship. Thomas Skiddy fz. Thomas do. paying lli. Wm. Gould fz. Edward do. paying 20s., being a Sheriff's eldest son. John Lombard fz. George do. paying 13s., being a Councillor's son. John Murfield fz. Dermod do. paying 30s. 16 April, 1633. By virtue of a grant made under the Mayor, &c., dated 15 April, unto William Tirry fz. Oliver, gent., the above day said William was admitted and sworn by the said Mayor, &c., to be Clerk of the Crown and Peace within this City and County thereof during his good behaviour and their pleasure, and do grant him all such perquisites, &c., belonging to said office, without yielding any account to any man whats~r. 17 April, 1633. We, the Maior, &c., having urgent occasions for the benefit of the Corpora- tion to take up money at reasonable terms for such lands as belong to them, and finding no better way, have considered that there lyeth a plot of waste 22 .. .

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