Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


much commiserate), and tendering the good of this Commonwealth, have and do freely forgive any fees or stipend due unto them in respect of their employment as Citizens and Burgesses of this City and Co. during the said Parliament, or hereafter, &c. Witness our hands, WILLM. SARSFELDE. DoM. CoPINGER, Rec. Present-Richard Roche, Maior; Robert Verdon, Vic. ; Dom. Tyrry, Vic.; Robert Travers ; Morris Roche, Speaker. 25 Aug., 1634. Whereas the old number of Councillors for this City is by our late Charter of King Charles reduced into the number of 24, which is not yet full, it is ordered, by consent of the Maior, &c., assembled in the Tolsel, that any person to be cl:wsen hereafter Maior, and admitted of the said number of 24 Councellors, must pay ten pounds to the Chamberlain before he shall take the oath of maioralty for the use of the City, otherwise the Maior so chosen shall absolutely release the benefit of the butt of seck, or 15 pounds ster. in lieu thereof, which hath been formerly paid to the Maior for the time being since Henry Goold, Ald., was Maior, which butt of seck was allowed in lieu of the 20 nobles anciently paid for the entertainment of the Maior of the City~ 6 Oct., 1634. Mem. Curim Civ. Corcke, tempore Thomm Martell, Armig., Maioris, Jacobi Roch fz. Patrick et Gulielmi Kearney, Vicecomit. ejusdem Civitatis. 13 Oct., 1634. Dominick Copinger, Esq., Recorder. Stephen Gallwey, Swordbearer. Domk. Roch and John Gallwey, Serjeants at Mace. WiJ)jam Skiddy and Stephen Galwey, Porters of the Gates. 20 Oct., 1634. Edmond fz. Gerrald and Edmond Cleere, Petty Serjeants ; Adam Goold fz. Patrick and Sheriff Roch, Sureties. William Goold and Nicholas Verdon, Petty Porters. John Miagh, Waterbailiff. 27 Oct., 1634. James Roche fz. Patrick, Chamberlain; John Roche fz. Morris and Michrel ~alwey, Sureties.

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