Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Skiddy, Ald., and to Stephen Gould, from Bourdeux, one tun of Bourdeux wines, 7li. Also out of the barque of Tymby, wherein Richd. Creaghe and Richd. Browne, that carne from St. Maloes, ·one tun of secke, 14li. Mounteth all in that year, 168li. A note of what prisage wines came in William Roch fz. Dominick, Aid's., year, 1632, until the year of Richard Roche, Mayor, 1633, delivered by Morris Roch, Ald., and his partners: First, in Jan., 1632, out of a small barque of Gaskon wines bought by Thomas Gould and James Roche and Walter, one tun, 7li. Also, in Feb., of Micher Lavallyne in the Peter of Jarssie, one tun of secke, 14li. Also from Morris Roch out of the barque whereof Peter de Grosse, mercht. from St. Maloes, one tun of secke, 14li. Also from Philip Roch fz. Morris, that month, out of a Scotman from Bourdeux, 2 tun of Gascoyne wine, 14li. Also from Walter Galway and Richard Galway, in March, from St. Ma- loes, on tun of secke, 14li. . Also, in April, from James Gould fz. David out of a Brittan from St. Maloes, one tun of secke, 14li. Also, the 14 May, of Morris Roch and Robt. Meade in Peter de Grosse, one tun of secke, 14li. Mounts that yeare to 91li. ster. Also payed the year before, as appeareth in next schedule, 168li. ster. Of the 10 barques mortgaged unto Henry Gould fz. Adam and his part- ners, iE. 1632, he received one barque from James Mollaune, and another barque from Pat. Arthur, rest unto him 8 barques due in Richd. Roche's yeare. A note of such barques as was received by Henry Goold in Richard Roch is yeare, until the 29 Oct. 1634: Reed. of Melcher Lavallyne, in J ~., one barque. Reed., in March, of Peter Mayo, a barque sent to Morris Roch and William Verdon.

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