Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Reed. of James Goold fz. David, in April, one barque ; rest due unto Henry Goold, five barques. 17 Oct., 1634. Frances, Lord Barron of Mountnorish, and one of his Maj. Privy Couucil,

was sworn free of the City, and a Councillor. Edward Godwyn was sworn free of the City.

13 Feb., 1G32 . . Henry Gossnall, Esq., Chief Just~ce of the Province of Munster, was sworn a freeman of the City. A note of such prisage wines that came in Richard Roch's year, 1633, until the year of Thomas Martell, Mayor, delivered by Mr. Morris Roch, 29 Oct., 1634: First, the lOth Nov., brought by David Morrogh out of St. Malloes to the use of Mr. Morris Roch, two pipes of Mallagoe wine, 14li. Rec. also in Deer., sent by David McLawne and Edmond Roch from Bur- deux in the Scott ship, two tuns of Gascoyne wines, 14li. Rec. in March, sent by Walter Gallwey to Malchor Lavallyne out of St. Mallowes, two butts of seck, 14li. Rec. out of the barque of Bloyne sent by David McLa.wne from Bur- deux to Morris Roch, one tun of Burdeaux wine, 7li. ' Rec. the 8 May, out of the ship of Gallway brought by Edmond Roch, two butts of secke, 14li. Rec. in Aug., by Thristane Whettcome, two pipes of Canary wine, 14li. Mounteth, 77li. Paid by Mr. Morris Roch and his partners, 29 Oct., 1634, toward the urgent occasion of this Corporation of the above 77li. So rests due the sum of 292li. of the 600li. due upon the prisage. Rest due of the 600li., 264li. So rests clear for the said Morris and his partners 292li. to be received hereafter. Tho. Martell, Maior. Dom. Copinger, Rec. James Roch, Vic. John Coppinger, Domlr. Roche, Adam Golde, Speaker, Tho. Ronayne, Edm. Martell, Will. Kearney, Vic............ ... .

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