Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Domk. Roche and John Gallway, Serjeants of Mace. David Gallway and wm. Skiddy, Porters. 15 Oct., 1632. Nicholas Verdon and John Gould, Under Porters. Gefferey Gallway, yeoman to the Mayor. George Wise, Sheriff's Yeoman. Edmond Gerrald and Edmond Cleere, Petty Serjeants. 9 Nov., 1632. John Gould fz. James is sworn free paying 5 nobles. Robert Gilbert do. paid, being a Sheriffs son, 20s.

A note of such Prize wines as were received of 600li. beginning in Gefferey Gallway's year of Maioralty, in January, 1631: First, Received out of the Ship of Yarmouth brought by Philip Roche fz. Morrish from Bourdeux, in JanY., two tuns of Gascoyne wines, 14li. .Also out of the Barque of Garnesey sent from St. Maloes to Morrish Roche and Philip Martell, one tun of Malgo wines, 14li. .Also from Robert Verdon out of Gibouns his ship, that month, from Bourdeux, two tuns, 14li. .Also from Lasale his ship from Bourdeux, two tuns of wine, 14li. .Also from do., 2 butts of seck, 14li. Also, that month, out of a barque of Garnesey brought by Richard Gall- way and James Mlawne from St. Maloes, 2 butts of seck, 14li. .Also same month, out of a French barque brought by James Gould fz. David and James Hoare, 2 butts of seck, 14li. .Also out of the barque of Garnesey, in April, brought by Patrick Sars- feld from St. Maloes, 2 butts of seck, 14li. .Also out of the barque of Poole, that month, that came to Moriah Roche, .Ald., 2 butts of secke, 14li. .Also out of the barque of Yarmouth which James Roche sent to Monish Roche, 14 July, 1632, 2 butts, 14li. Also from Oliver French of Gallway, that month, one tun of high country wines, 7li. Also out of the Frenchman brought by Edmond Mlawne to Mr. Wm. 21-2

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