Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



9 July, 1632. Richd. Gallway fz. Gefferey sworn free paying lOs. 3 Aug., 1632.

Wm. Arsteachon do. paying 40s., which was allowed to Domk. Wheete. Wm. Rowse fz. Richard, being a Sheriff's son, do. paying 4 nobles. 5 Dec., 1631. Whereas Morrish Roche, Ald., received during his time of Mayoralty 248li., of which he paid our .Agent 140li. upon his bill of Exchange~ and 68li. 13s. disbursed by him upon warrant to him directed in open Court, of all which he accounted this day, So there remains in said M. Roche's hand, due to the Corporation, 39li. 6s., to be paid by him on demand to our .Agent for Dublin towards enrolling our Charter, which sum was paid by Morrish to David Tirry, .Agent for that purpose. 9 July, 1632. The above Richd. Tirry, now Sheriff, is by Consent of the Mayor, &c., sworn a Councillor of this City, for which he paid 8 pounds ster. Instructions for our Agent for Dublin, given him 31 Jan., 1631. Imprimis. You are to have our Charter enrolled. 2ly. To Petition the Lords Justices for the staple wool 3ly. To solicit for the allowance of the Sheriff's accounts according to our Charter, and for the good of this Corporation, and also to solicit for the Fee farme, also the Guagership. Witness my hand, DA. TYRRY. David Tyrry fitz Edmond of Cork, .Ald., by eonsent of the Mayor, &c., employed for Dublin this term, to have for his allowance, during continuance about these affairs, 6s. 8d. per diem. 1 Oct., 1632. Mem. Curire Civ. Corcke, tempore Wilehelmi Roche, Ax. Maioris, Roberti Copinger et Edwardi Gould, Vicecomit. ejusdem Civitatis. Wm. Roche fz. Domk. is sworn Mayor. Robert Coppinger and Edward Gould, Sheriffs. 8 Oct., 1632. Stephen Gallway, Swordbearer.

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