Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



such during his mayoralty shall forfeit 20 pounds, and every Sheriff 10 pounds, for the use of the Corporation ; and the merchants shall bring his servant's indenture into open Court, that the date may be entered in the Court book, to prevent any collusion, paying a reasonable fee for enter- ing the same. 3 Oct., 1631. Mem. Curire Civ. Corcke, tempore Galfridi Gallway, Maioris, Ricardi Tirry et Johannis Drady, Vicecom. ejusdem Civitatis. Dominick Coppinger is sworn Recorder. Stephen Gallway, Swordbearer. Domk. Roche, Chief Serjeant at Mace. John Gallway, one of the Serjeants at Mace. David Gallway and wm. Skiddy, Warders of both the gates. Edmond Gerrald and Edmond Cleere, petty Serjeants. Edmond Mortimer, Bellman. Nicholas Verdon and John Dahill, under Porters of both gates. David Gallway and John fz. wm. Pilots for this harbour, under Christo- pher Gould. John Hooe, Drummer. George Wise, Yeoman for one of the Sheriffs. wm. Tirry fz. Richard and John Roche, Overseers for the City. Richd. Tirry, Sheriff, is sworn Chamberlain, and George Tirry fz. Edmond, Ald., and Morish Roche fz. James, Sureties in 1 OOli. ster. for him to yield a true account of his receipts to the Mayor. George Tirry, Ald., Common Speaker. 23 Nov., 1631. Domk. Tirry, Ald., was sworn Escheator, Feodary, and Crowner, by virtue of our new Charter, within the liberties and County of the City, during the pleasure of the Mayor, Sheriffs, Ald., Council and Commons. James Gould fz. Nicholas was sworn Notary Public of this City. 25 Jan., 1631. Philip Hoare was sworn free, and also sworn that if he do not marry in this town he shall pay for his freedom 4 nobles. 21

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