Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Robt. Miaghe fz. Patrick do. paying 5 nobles, 18 July. Milcher Bluett do. paying 5 nobles. John Hialihy do. paying, because he served seven years, 3li., 23 Sep., 1631. Peter Nagle do. paying 40s., 16 Sep., 1631. Petrus Nagle recognovit se debere Edmondo Martell, Ald., heredibus, &c. Ct. Iibras de bonis suis. 7 March, 1631. James Miagh fz. wm. is sworn free, for which he paid-Stephen Gallway, Swordb~arer, as part of his stipend, lli. 13s. 4d. 29 Aug., 1631. By virtue of our new Charter, this being the Monday after S. Bartholo- mew's day, we, the Mayor, &c., have elected Mr. Jeffery Gallway fz. Patrick to be Mayor for the ensueing year, and to take his oath upon the Monday after Michrelmas day next. It was agreed by the Mayor, &tc., that William Roche fz. Domk. be elected Mayor for the next ensueing year following J e:ffery Gallway fz. Patrick, and accordingly, 2 July next, he shall be named according to the ancient custom, the principalist of the three to be tendered by the twelve, and duly elected. In performance hereof the Mayor, Recorder, Sheriffs, Ald., Coun- cil and Commons, have sworn upon the Holy Evangelists for the perform- ance of this act. 30 Sep., 1631. • As divers merchants of this City have, contrary ~o the bye-law, of late practised to entertain into their services from out of the Country, and other Corporate towns, divers persons to be their apprentices in the trade of merchandizes within the City, which caused many freemen's Children to live idly at home, or wander for their livings in other places, In prevention whereof it is enacted for a bye-law, by the Mayor, &c., that no merchant within the City or suburbs shall receive any person out of any other place or County, nor any artificer's son within said City, for less time than seven years, and if he shall join stock with him to have him sworn a freeman- paying for same 5 pounds ster., upon pain of 20 pounds upon every mer- chant t}lat shall infringe this law; and the Mayor that shall permit any

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