Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



towards the urgent wants of the City, he was, by consent of the Mayor, &c., elected a Councillor of this City. (Conditions as 9 June, 1626.) Patrick D1·ady, now Sheriff, was admitted a Councillor of this City. 30 June, 1631. Whereas Domk. Roche, Ald., is Assignee unto Sir Arthur Savadge, Knt., for the mortmain lands within the City and liberties, and by occasion whereof said Domk. was often vexed by process out of the Exchequer, now upon the earnest suit of said Domk., and for the further prevention of any such troubles, It is ordered by tl;le Mayor, &c., that 10 pounds ster. of the City revenues due to be paid next Michrelmas shall be employed in Dublin, ac- cording to the directions of said Domk., to enter the names of t.he several tenants of said mortmayne lands in his Majys, Court of Exchequer at Dublin, that process may be awarded against said tenants for rents payable by them unto the Exchequer, that said Domk. be not further troubled, and to give a particular account for same 10 pounds to the Mayor, &c., which ten pounds shall be received from Mr. Domk. Tirry, Ald., out of the rents of Faren Comyne payable at Michrelmas next. 12 Aug., 1631. It is agreed that the Mayor shall redeem the two sellers under the County Court out of the King's hands, and whatsoever sum of money he shall pay for them shall be allowed him. . 2 July, 1631. Edward Roche fz. Edmond, Jeffery Gallway, and Edmond Copinger fz. Robert are nominated to be put in election for Maioralty for next year. 8 July, 1631. Patrick Na!se fz. Patrick is sworn a freeman paying 4 nobles, being a poor bailiff. 13 July, 1631. Philip Martell is sworn free paying as an Alderman's Son and heir ought to do, lOs. James Sarsfeld fz. Patrick is sworn frt:e paying 4 nobles. James fz. Patk. Roche fz. Morrish fz. Edmond do. paying 4 nobles.

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