Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



To enquire whether the wall without the North gate, whereupon John Matthew, glover, now builds upon, James Lombard's land, as he supposeth, belonging to the Corporation [sic], or any nuisance to them or no. We find the wall without .the North gate, whereupon John Mathew begins his building, was built by the Corporation, and upon whose land same wall is built we know not, and this is our verdict. For the admittance of the above wall, John Mathew took a lease from the Corporation, for which he is to pay 5s. per annum to the Chamberlain of the City revenues. 5 May, 1631. Whereas heretofore the masters of every barque and boat of apples and pears that came to the quay at Blackrock, or any of the gates of this City, were-ilispleased and mightily grieved for the quantity of apples and pears that was. delivered by them upon the Mayor's tickets to the ·Aldermen, Councill and Commons of this City, We, the Mayor, &c., taking the griev- ances of the stranger into our consideration, have ·remitted said tickets in consideration of a noble to be paid as hereafter followeth, and by consent of said masters enact as a bye-law that every barque or boat of apples or pears that shall hereaft~r be landed or retailed, shall pay a noble a barque to the Mayor and Constables of the staple, in consideration of which noble said Mayor, &c., shall lay out so much money as shall repair and make up the quay of this City very fair, and said Mayor, _&c., shall have power to collect said noble from time to time. 20 July, 1631. By consent of the Mayor, &c., it is agreed that Wm. Skiddy, Ald., shall have all the pools belonging to this City, both benorth and besouth, with all the fishings, &c., as Henry Morrough fz. Edmond enjoyed same, for which he is to pay presently in open Court 100 pounds ster. and 40s. yearly; and said pools shall be redeemed at the Corporation's will and pleasure, so that wm. Skiddy shall have a full year after redemption of said pools, paying the rent aforesaid, provided the Mayor have all duties and perquisites to him belonging out of such fishings. ~ 27. June, 1631. In consideration of 20 pounds__paid by William Verdon of Corcke, mercht.,

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