Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


18 Sep., 1630. Christopher Creaghe produced an instrument in Court under the hand of William Hoare, Mayor, whereby it appeareth that the said Christopher, in consideration of two freemen to be allowed unto him, undertook for the payment and cleansing of the new street to the gate thereof. In perform- ance whereof he had allowed unto him the freedom of Patrick Miagh fz. Patrick, and this day Christopher swore to perform what is unperformed of that work, and he had his servant Robert Harding admitted a freeman. • Whereas Stephen Gallway, Swordbearer, was to have yearly for his wages as Swordbearer of this City five pounds ster., whereof he alledges · five pounds, one year, to be due to him, we,·the Mayor, &c., in consideration of his good service, have forgiven said Stephen the arrear of rent due to the Corporation out of the little Castle next adjoining the King's old Castle on the east side of the King's wall of this City, and also promise that he shall possess the aforesaid Castle during his natural life, paying yearly 3s. 4d. to the Chamberlain of the City revenues. 4 Oct., 1630. Meni. Curire Civ. Corcke tempore Mauricii Roche, Maioris. Nicholai Skiddy et Patricii Drady, Vicecomit. ejusdem Civitatis. Dominick Coppinger, Esq., is sworn Recorder. William Sarsfeld fz. Thomas, Town Clerk (during residue of his lease). Stephen Gallway, Swordbearer. Dominick Roche fz. Edmond, Chief Serjeant at Mace. John Gallwey, one of the Serjeants at Mace. David Gallway, Porter of South Gate. William Skiddy, Porter of North Gate. Edmond Cleere and Domk. White, petty Serjeants. John Dahill under Porter of North Gate. Edmond Mortimer, Bellman. John Curtaine and John Hone, Drummers. Nicholas Skiddy, Sheriff, was sworn Chamberlain, Mr. John Coppinger, Ald., and Mr. Domk. Roche, Ald., Sureties. Mr. Will. Tirry, Ald., and John Roche, Overseers of the City revenues.

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