Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



2 July, 1630. Sir Will. Sarsfeld, Knt., Sir John fz. Gerrald, Knt., and Sir Walter Cop- pinger, Knt., were by consent of the Mayor, &c., put in election for Moior- alty for ensueing year. 30 July, 1630. Whereas Mr. Domk. Roche, .Ald., hath purchased the fee simple of the little house upon the North Bridge from Elline Skiddy, widow, and James Gallway for 10 pounds ster., and now that this house is to be broken down, to have one of the pillars of the bridge built upon that place,. and to make a passage for the water. · It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that the said Dominick Roche shall make a sufficient and legal estate of the said house, and of all his right and title therein, unto the use of Mayor, &c., before last of August next, in such manner as shall be devised by Dominick Cop- pinger, Esq., Recorder of the City ; that the said Dominick Roche, .Ald., is to be paid the sum of 10 pounds ster. out of the Corporation revenues at or before last of October next. Ten pounds of the rent of the pools was assigned unto .Ald. Domk. Roche in lieu of above ten pounds. 6 Aug., 1630. Notwithstanding the lease passed by the Mayor, &c., unto Domk. Roche, Serjeant, of the Clearship of the Market barrel for 8 years, for the sum of threescore and ten pounds ster., the said Mayor, &c., in consideration of the half-year's rent due at Michrelmas upon the market seller, do condescend that said Domk. shall immediately enter the premises and enjoy the same in as ample a manner as any other Clerk. 10 Sep., 1630. In consideration of the sum of 10 pounds ster. paid by Walter Gould fz. Willm., of Corcke~ gent., towards the urgent occasions of the City, &c. By consent of the Mayor he is admitted a Councillor. (Conditions as 9 June, 1626.) 17 Sep., 1630. . In consideration of ten pounds paid by Thomas Sarsfeld fz. William of Corcke, gent., towards urgent occasions of the City, &c., he is admitted a Councillor. (Conditions as 9 June, 1626.)

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