Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



daily resorting to the Mayor and Aldermen for admittance of lodging be- fore any vacancy fell in, It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., That no Mayor or Alderman of this City shall hereafter give any admittance to any such poor person for his abode in the Hospital [sic], that is now resident therein, be se... lected and reduced to the number of ten persons, and never hereafter any more. And there shall never hereafter, after the decease of Stephen Skiddy, be anymaster of the Hospital but the Mayors of the staple for the year prece- dent, at;ld govern the same gratis. And it is further agreed, that if the Mayor for the time being, or that hereafter shall be, shall violate or infringe this bye-law, shall forfeit to the Chamberlain of the City revenues for the use of the Corporation the sum of twen pounds. The names of a Jury between the Corporation and Rir.hd. Kent fz. Will for lands and houses supposed to be built on the Common way.

Will. fz. Edmond. Richd. Gould fz. Willm. Christopher Creaghe. Will. Verdon. Christ. Walters. Michrel Walters. John Tirry fz. Edmond.

Edmond Martell, Ald. James Morrough,_Ald. Adam Gould fz. Patrick. Patrick Lavaline. George Morroughe. Will Tirry fz. Patrick. James Mathew. John Roche fz. Edmond.

(Jurati.) To enquire of the meares, &c., betwixt the Corporation and Richd. Kent -fz. Will, of all the lands and houses in the highway to Knockrea, within the liberties. We find that the four houses and cabbins wherein now dwelleth Der- mod Field, Redmond .Mowrres, Dermod ny Carrygy, and Andrew Perkin, are built upon the King's high-way, and that the hedges and banks ad-: joining to said houses on the south side, and so along directly to the hedge of Richard Collman's garden on the east, is the meares between the Prior lands on the south and the King's high-way on the north; and further, that the old hedge to the east of the premises lately demolished and defaced by Richard Kent ought to be repaired by said Richard, for that we find it to be the ancient mear between the Prior's land on the south and the King'• high-way on the north, which hedge we hold fit to be speedily repaired. .

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