Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Mr. Rdmond Martell, .Ald., Common Speaker. Robert Martell, Broaker, to be true and faithful to the· Corporation. John fz. Willm. and David Gallwey, Pilots. 31 Jan., 1630. Patrick Lavalline, Merchant, in open Court surrendered all his writings concerning the third part of the prize wines which he had in mortgage from the Corporation, for 251 pounds, which writings were cancelled in Court. The two tuns of Gascoyne wines which were lately had for prize wines out of the ship late come from Bourdeux, and bought by Wm. Verdon, were sold to Sheriff Skiddy for 20 pounds, which sum is to be delivered to my Lord of Kilmallock 1 and converted to his use. 4 Feb., 1630. It was agreed that no .Alderman, Councillor, or Commoner, shall here- after have any ticket for apples or pears out of any ship or barque that cometh to the quay of the City, except the Mayor and Sheriffs for the time being, who are to have their own dues according to the ancient custom, and in consideration of said tickets every barque shall pay 6s. 8d. that cometh in with pears or apples, same to be received .by the Society of Staplers, and converted to the reparation of the quay of the City, from time to time ever hereafter. 6 Feb., 163,0. By consent of the Mayor, &c., the pools benorth and besouth upon the river Lee, belongeth to this Corporation, are now let for one year unto Henry Morrough fz. Edmond, beginning 6 Feb., 1630, for which he is to pay 6li.10s. at Easter, and same at Michrelmas, of which 13 pounds there is given unto Ald. Dominick, for the little house of the North Bridge that was purchased from James Gallway, ten pounds. 6 Nov., 1630. In consideration of ten pounds paid by John Roche fz. M9rrish, of Corcke, Merchant, towards the wants of the City, he is elected a Councillor. (Con- ditions as 9 June, 1626.) In consideration of eight pounds paid by Nicholas Skiddy, now Sheriff, towards the wants of the City, he is to have the station of a Councillor.

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